Big Talk Education

Working with Secondary Schools

Sex & Relationship Education Programme Delivery

With over 19 years experiance of delivering SRE to Secondary Schools we like to think we know what works. We appreciate time tabling can be challenging so our Secondary School packages can be delivered as class sessions, workshops, school enhancement/enrichment days or year group roadshows.

Our Programme in Secondary Schools uses a Youth Work approach to SRE delivery, participation, empowerment and inclusion are fundamental to its success. The Team foster a non-judgemental, relaxed, receptive atmosphere, which doesn’t shy away from sensitive issues. There is also time for lighter moments and the use of appropriate humour!  We currently deliver to over 5000 Students from a broad social base: multi-cultural, urban, rural, faith and Academy Schools, SRE is delivered by the Team to Yrs 7-13.

 (11~18yr olds)


The Current 2014 Programme

Risks and Resilience

The importance of understanding the language we use, plus identifying risks, how to avoid them and exploding urban myths


 Social Pressures on young people

Examines pressure from peers, social media, and wider media to include magazines, TV and advertising. Ways of increasing self esteem and appreciating the uniqueness of you 

Relationships and Parenthood   
Building knowledge, confidence and assertiveness in your relationship, to enable things to go at your pace, (includes contemporary contraception information for males and females) 

Infections and Protection

Signs, symptoms and extent of STI’s. Where and how to access free condoms and how to use them correctly

Sexuality and Relationships

Sexual orientation, activity and norms, includes social, legal and moral perspectives. Followed by a relationship exercise, which explores expectations, pace, and realities for both genders. 

Sex and The Law including Sexual Consent

The Law in terms of age of consent, (what is consent?) Sexting, Pornography etc

PVR “Pornography versus Reality”

The average age to first access porn on the Internet is 11! with some as young as 8. We examine the truth about what porn is and isn’t. (We use specially designed non-offensive resources) 


“Mates, Dates, Loves, Hates”

Spotlight on relationships, are they positive and fun or destructive? Identifies different types of abuse and how to get over break ups with the support of friends

Body Image and Self Esteem.

How the media can manipulate images and how we perceive ourselves and others

Sexuality and Transexuality

Footage and discussion around coming out facing a sex change growing up in a provincial town (includes a locally filmed short DVD)

“It won’t happen to me”

The reality of Teenage Pregnancy for Young Fathers and Mothers based in a local environment 

We are able to offer bespoke packages to match your requirements, just call us on 01724 782618 or 07811 686202 for more information, or we can arrange a short meeting at your convenience.