Big Talk Education

SRE Roadshow

A bespoke package to fit the needs of your School, College or Organisation for School Years 7+. From full or half day events to mini one hour tasters

A combination of presentation and interactive group work to a full year or part year or in Workshop format for maximum impact. A sample are listed below from top issues requested by  young people;

Sex & The Law“Sexting” are you breaking the Law unknowingly? How would a criminal conviction affect your future?

• Talking to your Parents about Relationships and Sex. With quality SRE/ERS many young people are more updated on issues than their parents/carers, how to handle those conversations to keep everyone happy.  

• The latest on Contraception ~ for Males and Females. Male-Friendly contraception? What is it? Why is it necessary?   
• Surviving a relationship break up. Law of averages says it will happen! How to survive that devastating time of your life. There is life after a break up, nurture your emotional health.

Sexual Exploitation Awareness. Essential information for ALL young people in the light of recent events in Rotherham, Derby, Rochdale, Oxford, and Telford, is it happening in your town?

Teenage Relationship Abuse. 1 in 5 teenage girls have been hit by their boyfriend. 1 in 4 women and 1 in 9 men will suffer domestic abuse with 2 women being killed each week by current or ex-partners. We use peer pressure to make this type of behaviour unacceptable   

All these issues address not only PSHCE Curriculum requirements but are ones which if not clarified can take up valuable Staff time to tackle.

We use on-going consultation to ensure we are delivering what young people want and need

So, make your SRE/ERS programme shine with this memorable event, bring in the specialists!

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